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The Flink Way

Flink is an unparalleled automated recruitment platform founded in 2021. This platform not only simplifies the search for candidates but also improves the quality of identified candidates. Any individual looking to further their career prospects can register on the platform. Through an innovative and robust take-on process the candidate will be ranked based on various aspects which will be optimized through psychometric assessments.

The software and artificial intelligence behind the platform will automatically process large amounts of pre-vetted data to a useable output based on search filters selected by the client. The shortlisting process that usually takes no less than 2 weeks or even up to 1 month, can now be completed in a matter of seconds.

Our Mission

To provide an innovative, focused approach to talent acquisition which is aligned to business and individual needs, through the optimal use of technology.

Our Vision

To become the unparalleled talent acquisition solution driven by statistical innovation.

The Flink Process​

Flinker - Get Hired


Create your FLINKER profile by completing your credentials.

Declaration & Verification​:

You will be promoted to complete a criminal declaration and further to upload relevant personal documentation.


You will be invited to interviews through the platform by companies who are interested in your profile.

Psychometric Assessment:​

You will complete a specialised psychometric test which will serve the purpose of ranking you in line with the client’s requirements and showcasing your potential.


Based on the reference information submitted during sign-up, reference checks will be conducted and the feedback will be recorded. This will avoid unnecessary administration for your previous employers.


Job offers will be extended on the platform should you be successful after the interview phase.

FlinkCo - Start Hiring


Create your FLINKCO profile by completing your company information and select your preferences and functionality.

Declaration & Verification​:

Select the option suited to your needs by choosing between a once-off placement option or a monthly retainer option with unlimited placements.


Create your search for the perfect candidate by selecting from extensive filter options. Through our algorithm and ranking system, you will immediately see the top candidates for your search based on your business culture and other business requirements.


Schedule and manage interviews with top talent through the platform.


Extend and manage offers via the platform.


No, there will be no cost associated with you registering as a Flinker. The registration, take-on, psychometric assessment and verification checks have been catered for by the platform and business model.

By registering as a Flinker, you will have the opportunity to showcase your different strengths in an already competitive market. You will be required to complete a short assessment which will allow your strong points to be demonstrated accordingly. You will then be ranked based on these results in conjunction with the results of a in-depth reference check. The Flink platform lets companies access top talent and candidates directly, meaning you will be approached by the company if you meet their criteria, there is no need to constantly be on the look out for job postings and apply for vacant/suitable positions.

Flink is a unique recruitment platform driven by highspeed quality placements through disruptive innovation. We are committed to becoming change leaders and revolutionising traditional recruitment, by creating the ultimate automated recruitment platform. Candidates are matched with Companies directly through searches created by a FlinkCo (Company). Flinkers are ranked in accordance with what the company requires and their suitability for that role linked to their psychometric test results and reference scores.

Yes! The psychometric assessment is considered in the algorithm whereby the company is given the feature to rank attributes in accordance with the position requirements and the culture of the business. This is then linked to the candidates aptitudes.

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