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7 Things Not To Do During A Job Interview

7 Things Not To Say During A Job Interview

There are some things you should never do or say during an interview. Unfortunately, many applicants don’t understand or know this, which means that they aren’t hired despite their qualifications.

In this article, we’ll list seven things you should never do during a job interview.

  1. Talking negatively about the previous employer – Avoid mentioning negative aspects of previous employers. This is a major turn-off for many employers. Instead, focus on the positives of the new company. If you’re applying for a new job, you should focus on your strengths rather than your past experiences.
  2. Fumbling with the table – More than half of hiring managers have witnessed a candidate fidgeting during an interview. Not only does it indicate a lack of interest, but it also shows disrespect for the hiring manager’s time. During the interview, you shouldn’t be fidgeting too much, either. That will send the message that you don’t take the position seriously. In fact, 32 percent of hiring managers will seriously reconsider a candidate who fidgets excessively.
  3. Not being very attentive – Failure to make and keep eye contact is one of the candidates’ biggest mistakes. Not maintaining eye contact makes you look untrustworthy. In addition, it sends the impression that you’re not interested in the job. If you’re not smiling, it’s clear that you are not interested in the position. In fact, failing to smile can send a negative message that can cost you the job.
  4. Apologizing for lack of experience – Unless you are expected to have a great deal of experience by the company, don’t apologize for it. Simply say that you are willing to learn and take each day as it comes.
  5. Being too excited – You should not be too excited or nervous during the interview. Pay attention to what the interviewer is saying. If you are anxious, you can’t concentrate and make mistakes. It will only end up with you being rejected. If you’re too serious about the job, it may send the signal that you are desperate, which is the wrong signal to send.
  6. Being ignorant about the company – During the interview, you should avoid revealing your ignorance about the company or its history. It’s better to be prepared. Before the interview, read up about the company, go through their website, etc. This will prepare you for any questions about the company and any questions directed to you about how you will serve the company.
  7. Being dressed casually for the interview – A job interview is a formal affair, regardless of the position for which you have applied. Since it is a formal interview, you should wear formal clothes. That means wearing a dress shirt, dress shoes, dress paint, coat, and tie. Make sure that you smell good too. Failing to dress appropriately will mean that the interviewer will not take you seriously because they assume you’re not serious about the position they are offering.

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